North Carolina Identity
Service (NCID)
What is NCID?

The NCID Service is the standard identity management and access service provided to state, local, business and citizen users by the Office of Information Technology Services. NCID enables its customers to achieve an elevated degree of security and access control to real-time resources such as customer based applications and information retrieval.

Enterprise features of the NCID Service provide for an efficient and effective means for securing access to online services. Customers can leverage the service to:
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  What's New in NCID?
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  Frequently Asked Questions
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Help for NCID Users

NCID accommodates many types of user communities. Please click on the user type that best identifies you so you can access the appropriate Help resources.
  • Business Users request access to the State of North Carolina on the behalf of a business.
  • Individuals request access to conduct online transactions with the State of North Carolina. These users may or may not be citizens of the State.
  • State Government Employees are employed or contracted to work for an agency within the State of North Carolina government.
  • Local Government Employees are employed or contracted to work for a North Carolina county or municipality, and also includes Community College faculty and staff.
  • Administrators are State and Local government employees who can administer user accounts within the same organization, division(s) and/or section(s) for which he or she has administrative rights (i.e.: Delegated Administrators, Application Administrators, Service Desk).
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